About Us

Our Approach

Sneaker - A shoe, worn for sports.

Elite - A group of superior individuals.

" Position of Power " - Blessed with the knowledge of being number one.

  • Sneaker Elite is a lifestyle. This is the #1 website for sneaker news. The website is beneficial to sneaker designers, sneaker heads, athletes etc. Get your designs noticed by the top athletic footwear companies.
  • This is the first website created for aspiring shoe designers to publicize their designs. Our audience has the ability to follow sneaker trends, and interpret information about footwear designers.

Our Story

  • Sneaker Elite strives to take charge of the sneaker industry. The company was founded in 2013. We aspire to master the distribution of athletic footwear, athletic apparel, streetwear etc.
  • Sneakers are estimated as a $55 billion dollar industry according to Business Insider. We certainly understand how hard it is to obtain a job in athletic footwear industry. We created this website for designers to put their artwork on a global platform.