CONCEPT: Air Jordan 11 “Breast Cancer”

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How would you feel if Jordan Brand released an Air Jordan 11 shoe, dedicated to breast cancer? Breast cancer is a common cancer for women. We’ve lost many of our loved ones to the disease. Men or women can catch disease as well. This sneaker represents all the lost ones, individuals fighting the disease, and for people that survived it. Should Jordan release a pair? Let us know in the comments below, and may God bless anyone that’s struggling with the disease.


Air Jordan 11 “Breast Cancer” 

from Sneaker Elite.

76 Replies to “CONCEPT: Air Jordan 11 “Breast Cancer””

    1. Need a pair in a 5 for all the love ones that survived breast cancer or and type of cancer there will be many more blessing come stay positive and strong

    1. My daughter was a cancer survivor an me an my daughter really want these please find a way for Jordan to release these

  1. Yes y’all should do a shoe for breast cancer I know a couple of close people that have had it and is doing well today I want a pair if this shoe do comes out thank you

  2. Being that I’m 23 and fighting breast cancer now and I’m a major Jordan lover and 11s happens to be my favorite I would totally say yesssssss!!!!

  3. Yesss I truly think so it a way to so support to everyone who lose someone to disease and to the one who survived it so I give you the thumbs up 💯

  4. Yes I definitely think that Jordan should release this shoe in honor of the survivors, the ones that are still fighting and the ones that lost the fight. I don’t really wear basketball shoes but I will most definitely purchase a pair of these for annual SUSAN G KOMEN race for the cure, that me and my team participate in each year. But the question is…Will any of the proceeds go towards the breast cancer research foundation that pays for millions of women to receive free exams? That’ll be great

  5. Yess❤️ That gone have a meaning to them ppl who lost a love one cuz of it it will mean someone to them to have them sooo I think he should

  6. Yessss I Luv Pink that’s my signature color but I support Breast Cancer I love them I want a pair 🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀

  7. Yes please. My mom lost her battle to breast cancer on 01/26/2018 and my great grandma in August of 1996. I would love to have a pair.

  8. Please 💕. This shoe would mean so to me ! Losing your mom and now I have nothing feels like I’m stuck in a trance

  9. That would be wonderful! Still struggling with breast cancer almost a year in now, it’s good to see other forms of fashion representing aside from scarfs an ribbons. It really hurt my feelings when no one from my family wore a tee-shirt or not even a ribbon when I was diagnosed, especially my son an husband,maybe they’ll get these on my behalf. I’d love to have a pair.

  10. Yes, I would buy these and I only like Jordan low tops. My Sister died from breast cancer on my birthday. So yes, I would get them in remembrance of her.

  11. Me & my whole family & friends will all where them! I’m a 40 newly single mom that just had a double mastectomy & need no treatment!!!!! We all agree we would wear them everyday everywhere. Wear them proud ladies!

  12. I would really appreciate if y’all dropped these for my family members and friends who pass on and beat cancer but I really want them for my grandmother who passed last year from cancer #FUCKCANCER

  13. Yes i am such a big supporter for breast cancer if they release these i would buy a few pairs just cuz i would think the money would go for people that need the help to get the proper care to help fight cancer

  14. I am a two time Breast Cancer survivor and I currently am still in treatment. My son has bought me breast cancer shoes both times I’ve been diagnosed and I would totally love to wear these too. I can’t wait until they come out!

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